Do you ever put off visiting your doctor? You are not alone. Often, people only seek medical attention when they experience severe symptoms. It is easy to dismiss the idea of scheduling an annual wellness visit and making a trip to the doctor’s office when you feel fine. However, visiting Abigail S Tyler CRNP at Penn’s Rock Primary Care for your annual wellness checkup can help you improve unhealthy habits, better manage chronic conditions, and set you on a course for a healthier and longer life.

Here are reasons why annual well visits are important.

Prevention is key

Prevention is always better than cure, and annual wellness visits are crucial to preventative healthcare. During these visits, your healthcare provider will check for any potential health issues and take steps to address them before they become serious problems. They will also review your medical history, lifestyle habits, and family history to determine if you are at risk for certain diseases or conditions. Based on this information, they may recommend tests or lifestyle changes to help you stay healthy.

Early detection of health problems

Even if you feel healthy, there may be underlying health issues that you are unaware of. During your wellness visit, your doctor will check your blood pressure, heart rate, and other vital signs to assess your overall health. They may also order blood tests and other diagnostic tests to screen for diseases or conditions that may not yet have symptoms. Early detection of health problems allows for prompt treatment, which can help prevent complications and improve overall health outcomes.

You will ultimately save money over time

scheduling your yearly wellness checkup will also enable you to make long-term financial savings. Going to yearly visits every year won’t cost you anything because most insurance plans offer free annual wellness visits free.

If you don’t go for your yearly checks, you may not detect a disease that might have been prevented. This might result in costly treatments you would not have needed if you had prioritized your health earlier.

It helps you build a relationship with your healthcare provider

Your healthcare provider is your partner in health. Annual wellness visits provide an opportunity to build a strong relationship with your healthcare provider. A good relationship with your doctor is important because it helps you feel comfortable discussing health concerns. It also ensures that your healthcare provider understands your unique needs and can provide the best care.

Your physician will review every medication you take

Scheduling your annual wellness visit is also crucial because it is the time when your doctor will assess every medicine you take. During the visit, your doctor will look at the list of all the drugs you are taking, including those recommended by other doctors, to check for potential unexpected interactions. At this visit, your doctor will decide if you need to adjust your prescription or dose.

A wellness visit may assist with establishing healthy habits

During your wellness visit, your doctor can guide healthy lifestyle choices like exercise and nutrition. They can also discuss any habits that may be detrimental to your health, such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. Your doctor provides resources to stop your unhealthy habits.

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By Johnson