Should You Use A Donor Egg?

Should You Use A Donor Egg?

Some people might think that becoming pregnant is quick and easy. Regrettably, most couples are not quite as lucky. If nature is not complying with a couple’s desire to have a child, there are numerous fertility therapy choices to explore; for some people, this entails donor eggs. Egg donation is a complicated but routine procedure that, while perhaps unpleasant, may result in the best possible outcome for a hopeful couple. Continue reading to learn all you should know about the Newport Beach donor egg procedure to establish if it is appropriate for you.

Who Should Utilize A Donor Egg?

Most women experience troubles with their eggs but have no difficulties carrying a child to maturity. Among the situations that may profit from using donor eggs include:

·         Depleted ovarian reserve

·         Genetic anomalies

·         Women with inherent medical disorders

·         Age; women above 40 or in menopause

·         Poor egg quality

·         Women whose eggs were destroyed by past treatment operations

Additionally, egg donors and/or surrogates are necessary for same-sex male couples seeking to begin a family.

How Does Egg Donation Fertilization Operate?

A donated egg from an unnamed person or a targeted egg donor is fused with your spouse’s sperm (donor sperm) to generate an embryo. Through In-vitro fertilization (IVF), embryos obtained are placed into the uterus with the goal that, at minimum, one will implant. If effective, the pregnancy will progress similarly to a normal pregnancy using the woman’s egg.

Should You Opt For Fresh or Frozen Eggs?

According to research, fresh eggs have a marginally greater success rate (50%) than frozen donor eggs (40%). Here’s how to go about it:

v  Fresh Eggs

To use fresh donor eggs, you must sync your menses with the donor. This synchronization is achieved with hormone injections and medicines. Once your body is ready to accept embryos, the donor’s eggs will be obtained, fertilized, and implanted into your uterine lining.

v  Frozen Eggs

In the same manner sperm banks store viable sperm for later use; egg banks store viable eggs for use anytime. The eggs are selected, fertilized, and implanted similarly to fresh eggs. Some individuals collect more eggs from their donors so they can be fertilized and saved for future use when genetically similar siblings are desired.

How Can You Locate An Egg Donor?

A reproductive clinic or an egg donor agency is the most typical approach to finding a suitable egg donor.

An egg donation agency or fertility center is the most typical approach to discovering an egg donor. Based on the rules of the clinic or organization, the donor could be known or anonymous. Even better, some facilities offer photographs of prospective donors, or you could discreetly look for donors.

If you desire a kid with some of your genetic traits, family members may be a good place to start searching for a donor. Alternatively, if you select a private donor, you should have a clear written agreement. Most organizations and clinics currently have these legislative requirements in place.

The contract must be detailed and clear, noting that the donor relinquishes all parental rights to kids conceived using her donated eggs. Additionally, it is important to stress that the recipient families have full legal custody of the children.

Are you and your spouse having issues getting pregnant? If so, contact the fertility experts at OC Fertility® to explore your fertility options. With a donor egg, you can address most of the common fertility concerns associated with a woman’s egg; thus, enjoy a healthy and successful pregnancy. However, as with any therapy, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. To determine if you are the right candidate for using a donor egg, call the Newport Beach, CA office or request an appointment online.

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