There is a secret to style that is so simple that it’s amazing more people don’t realize it. Quite simply, you can’t go wrong with dressing to suit your personality. It may sound easy, but it requires the ability to look inward before you express yourself with what you wear.

Think about the classic styles from throughout history. James Dean wore blue jeans and plain white t-shirts because he was a straightforward and rugged guy. Johnny Cash wore all black because he ached in his heart for all those who suffered in the world. Mr. Rogers wore his trademark cardigan sweater because he was a super nice old man who probably got cold all the time.

The point is that a big part of looking your best is dressing in a way that matches the person you are. You will feel more comfortable and people will see and respect that.

The same thing goes when you are looking to purchase a new wristwatch. You want to find one that speaks to your soul. Here are a few tips and examples to think about when you are looking for a watch that is right for you.

Are you the mechanical type? Do you long to discover the way things work? Then you might be the right fit for the Stuhrling Original Men’s Millennia 360 Rubber Strap Watch.

This watch has a window at the center of the dial so you can see all the intricate mechanisms at work inside. It runs on Caliber ST-90089 mechanical automatic movement. This watch was designed as a tribute to all of the technological advances of the new millennium by combining vintage and contemporary aesthetics.

Or maybe you are a classicist. You long for days gone by and the simple, straightforward style that came with them. The Stuhrling Original Men’s Heritage Grand Automatic Leather strap watch beautifully fuses new an old.

It has a large face with easy to read numerals at every hour marker except for 9:00. In this position lies a sub-dial for meticulously ticking away the seconds. There is also a small date window directly above 6:00. The strap is made of gorgeous genuine leather and clasps with a lovely buckle that has the Stuhrling Original logo engraved on it.

Do you ever feel like you are ahead of your time? Do you long for something futuristic and slightly offbeat. The Stuhrling Original Men’s San Marco Power Reserve Leather Strap Watch has a funky design to appease your ultra-modern sensibilities.

The face of this watch is perfectly square but with a slight rounding of the edges. The most interesting aspect of this watch, however, is the distorted numerals at all of the hour markers. They stretch and bend at odd angles, adhering to the square shape of the case and then reaching out to the circular center of the watch. This gives them an eye catching visual effect, as if they are being sucked into a black hole. You may ponder the future a lot now, but the San Marco will give you much more to think about.