Over and an excess amount of fat that is stored in our body that can make us gain more weight day by day is an abnormality of our body mechanism called obesity. It is now considered as a disease because the excess of fat gained can go so bad for our health and it destroys most of our immune cells that cause death. Our immune system is protecting our whole body and when the system will stop working most of our body functions will cease also, these type of diseases that are caused by excessive fat are called autoimmune diseases.


Obesity has a link to many diseases that are related to our mechanism, metabolism, and functions. The most common and known diseases that are caused by obesity are cardiovascular and cancer diseases. They are more common in every state of the world. People are so into junk diets that they forget taking healthy food. Due to busy schedules and tough routines, people are more comfortable with readymade food rather than eating healthy.

According to the national cancer institute, the rate of cancer will increase and we will soon discover new cancer disorders and various more diseases due to obesity.

The chemical compositions that are involved in making the product or in there packing can be harmful to our health. It is important for us to know that the food we are eating is healthy or not. Now, the fitness app is a must have and it is lifesaving also.


Nobody is born with excessive weight or nobody has obesity by birth. But in some cases when kids are born they have some sort of genetic diseases that are inherited from gene to gene and they are actually the reason behind this sudden obesity. Globally almost half of the kids under the age of 5 are prone to obesity.

90% of the risk is very destructive about children that if they get under terms of obesity they will get a closer cardiovascular disease which is not quite easy to go through.


Sleep and lazy routine are so connected. If you are overweight you will realize that you feel very lazy day by day and you don’t want to work anymore. You would rather spend your whole day in the bed sleeping and resting whereas you should not be doing that. It’s important for us to eat healthily and stay fit. The more active we will be the easier it will become for us to recover obesity.


Obesity is a harmful disease but it can be recovered. All you have to do is eat healthily, take the nutrients and take the components that your body needs. Workout and exercise more, it’s not necessary for you to work out all day but go with the flow. Stay focused and stick to the plan that you have to achieve your goal for fitness. If you are tired and you don’t want to go to the gym then look for gym trainer app that will work for you as an alternate.