Chronic pain is on the rise across the United States, including the Texas area, and as you age, your risk for developing this condition increases even further. For years, those suffering from chronic neck pain had no choice but to resort to surgery and other invasive therapies. Not only are these approaches unsuccessful for long-term comfort, but they could also aggravate a patientā€™s symptoms. Pain management specialist Dr. Nina Sandhu of Magnolia Pain Associates and her expert staff provide an alternate and successful therapy solution for chronic neck pain patients: spinal cord stimulation. To learn more about spinal cord stimulation for Dallas neck pain and the benefits of this revolutionary procedure, check out this post.

Understanding Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal Cord Stimulation entails a gadget that utilizes electrical impulses to prevent pain from being registered in the brain. Rather than feeling pain, patients experience a slight tingling sensation. This procedure aims to enhance patientsā€™ life quality while reducing their pain levels. Besides neck pain, Dr. Sandhu claims that spinal cord stimulation effectively addresses various other chronic pain issues, such as back pain, complex regional pain syndrome, and more.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Spinal Cord Stimulator?

  • Ā Reversible Therapy

Spinal cord stimulation, unlike other surgical procedures, is completely reversible. Dr. Sandhu may readily eliminate the electrical contacts, generator, and wires without inflicting any long-term damage to the spine if a patient resolves to stop the treatment at any moment.

  • Ā Adjustable Pain Relief

One of the most challenging elements of chronic pain is that no two persons have the same pain kind or intensity. You will often find that a patient will experience various pain symptoms due to their condition. Patients who receive Spinal Cord Stimulation can regulate their pain with the mobile controller provided. Furthermore, as technology advances, it is expected that specific controllers will make automatic modifications depending on the patientā€™s motions.

  • It Is Minimally Invasive

Only one cut is usually necessary; to insert the generator. Therefore, if the generator used for your therapy is tiny, you will not require an extended cut. Dr. Sandhu will typically utilize a hollow needle to position the leads with electrodes to lessen the intrusiveness of the treatment.

  • Targeted Pain Relief

Most drugs provided to chronic pain patients are intended to have a broad effect. These drugsā€™ adverse effects, such as constipation and tiredness, could also be felt all across the body. However, with spinal cord stimulation, pain relief is targeted only to the required region.

  • Ā Reduced Opioid Dependence

Spinal Cord Therapy helps patients reduce their over-reliance on pain-relieving drugs, including opioids.

  • No Refills Necessary

Pain relief with spinal cord stimulation could last for years without the need for refills or follow-up appointments with your specialist.

Spinal cord stimulation is a remarkably effective treatment for addressing chronic neck pain, and it has a lot of benefits for patients. At Magnolia Pain Associates, Dr. Sandhu will initially conduct a trial of this gadget by placing a temporary stimulator wire in the region of your pain. If it provides pain alleviation, she can proceed to the actual implantation procedure. Call the office or book an appointment online today to determine if you are a good fit for spinal cord stimulation.