Most people value their face since they view it as their sense of identity. They employ different measures, such as moisturizing their skin to ensure that their face is appealing. However, they fail to achieve the desired results regardless of employing these measures. In these instances, most people prefer having facial implants to correct their situation. After deciding that they want implants, they will most probably take a long time to choose to settle on one since there are many Houston facial implants in the market. To keep you informed, we have compiled a guide to help you navigate around the issue. The following are the common types of facial implants.

Chin Implants

These implants come in different styles to offer a vertical, horizontal, or square width that extends back to the jawline. The specialist inserts this implant through an incision under the chin or inside the person’s lip according to the individual’s size and preference. This implant is inserted and then mounted to the bone using small screws or sutures. The process takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Lip Implants

The specialist makes a soft spongy cylindrical implant that offers soft tissue feels that mimic the individual’s lips. Due to different preferences, they vary in thickness and length to embrace the different facial aesthetics. This process is applied through the small incisions placed inside the corners of the individual’s mouth. In an office setting, the process is carried out under local anesthesia.

Nose Implants

These implants are carried out to elevate the bridge or dorsal line while boosting the tip projection. Even though they can be performed alone, they are often performed as part of the overall nose-shaping surgery. The augmentation at the nose base is carried out using Para nasal implants. The implant covers the nose pyriform aperture to offer midface projection by pushing the individual’s base nose outward. This implant is placed through an incision designed inside the mouth below the upper lip.

Cheek Implants

Different styles augment the cheekbone or the region on its underside. The specialist can also create different effects by applying varying implant styles. These implants are placed through small incisions that are highly created under the upper lip. They can also be input through the eyelid if the person has eyelid surgery; the whole process will take approximately one hour.

Jaw Angle/ Jawline Implants

They are the implants aiming to augment the back part of the jaw. There are different styles of jaw implants, such as the vertically lengthening jaw implant and the widening jaw angle implant. These implants usually aim to give a person a stronger and more defined jaw. These jaws are inserted in the person’s mouth through the incisions performed under the large jaw muscle behind the molars. These implants are secured using small screws to reduce the risk of displacement. The procedure will take between one and one and a half hours.

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