Having a varicose vein can be something awful. While it was not something too serious, it does sometimes cause inconvenience and aggravation. While it can be hideous to look at, it does sometimes cause occasional pain. It also carries that throbbing sensation to the legs. As someone who hasn’t visited a vascular clinic for a varicose or spider vein treatment in Singapore, I thought I could get used to it.

A Poor Working Lifestyle


As someone who has very little knowledge about vein health, I took it for granted. Ever since the pandemic started, I found myself devoid of almost any physical activities, thanks to the week-long, 8 hours working period. From morning to evening, I barely got enough time to go outside and participate in sports—the way I used to when I was in high school and college. 

As someone in his 30s, and working day and night, my lifestyle was drastically different today. I admit that I spend a huge chunk of my waking hours sitting in front of my desktop or laptop (when I’m working outdoors). The habit got worse when I started working at home during the pandemic. Still, I didn’t give a thought about visiting a local vascular doctor in Singapore, let alone look for ideas about varicose veins and vein health. It lasted about late 2021 when my partner noticed the veins in my legs. 

There are a few aches here and there, especially when I move my legs after an extended period of inactivity. At first, I didn’t see it as something that would bother me. However, I decided to seek professional help after learning about vein health. As someone who isn’t physically active and has almost nonexistent knowledge about vein health, it opens my eyes to possible risks. I also saw this as an opportunity and a stepping stone to be more physically active again.

Visiting A Varicose Clinic


After the realisation, I began my hunt for a local vein clinic for a check-up. Though I was pretty sure at that time that I’m suffering from a varicose vein condition since most of the symptoms I had matched with those I found online (which I know can be inaccurate when you’re self-diagnosing). After a few hours of looking for a varicose veins treatment in Singapore (and reading other reviews online), I finally made a choice for a clinic.

Cheng SC Vein & Endovascular was the name of the clinic and judging by the information I saw on their site, I grabbed the opportunity with confidence. The condition didn’t make a 360-degree-impact on my life as a man with an issue with his veins. Nonetheless, I learned that it’s a health concern that I would attend to than wait for something more awful to happen.
Overall, I did not regret my decision to visit a vascular clinic and talk to a vein doctor. My experience with Cheng SC Vein is positive, and I felt satisfied with the staff and how the doctor informed me about vein health. They are professional, and the facility is well-equipped with what seems like equipment for treating other vein problems. They also offer diabetes management and vascular surgery in Singapore. Thus if you consider treating your vein problems, I would consider booking an appointment at Cheng SC Vein again.