Cannabis belongs to a particular category of plants that are known as ‘dioecious’. To be more specific, you can say that some plants are entirely male, and the others are entirely female. So, they are considered the opposite of ‘monoecious’ plants, which can bear both male and female buds and flowers on the same plants. But for reproducing, even the dioecious plants need at least one male plant in the vicinity to allow pollination. The offspring will have a 50/50 chance of either becoming a male or a female. So, while buying the cannabis seeds online, try to choose the cheapest weed seeds online, as you can buy more seeds and be assured that it contains both male and female seeds.

Kinds of cannabis plants and their pollination 

The female fruits are primarily in demand as the female cannabis plants are the ones that produce the cannabinoid-rich buds. Males that make flowers with pollens are mostly rejected for consumption purposes, but they are essential for cultivators to pollinate female seeds. Often it is seen that half of the plants of the growers are male, and they are required to get rid of those plants. This can be frustrating for the growers as they spend weeks tending to cannabis, and then they need to destroy half of their hard work.

Buy regular seeds

Like most other cannabis seeds, the regular seeds come with their unique benefits, and they are considered the cheapest weed seeds online. Some of the benefits provided by regular seeds are:

  • To develop a new strain: The regular seeds are necessary for the weed growers to grow new strains of cannabis. It can create new strains by binding the genetic features of both the male and the female plants. This can strengthen and diversify the characteristics of the offspring and results in a more potential new strain.
  • To obtain male plants for breeding: Though not useful as smoke-able buds, the male buds are still crucial for the breeders. Besides playing an essential role in creating new strains, males are an integral part of the process for the cultivators with bespoke characteristics.
  • To grow better parent plants: The genetic stability contained by the female and male seeds can pass the feature into the offspring. It cut the chances of hermaphroditic tendencies. Thus, the plants which are grown from regular seeds tend to make excellent mothers for the development of clones.
  • Good value for money: The regular seeds carry the same genetics but are available at a much lower price than the feminized seeds. For this reason, regular seeds are an excellent choice for budget-conscious growers. The lack of genetic medication makes them cheaper and easier to be cultivated.

In the end

From the pointers mentioned above, it must be pretty clear for you to understand why it is better to buy regular seeds for cannabis cultivation. So, if you are looking for the best quality cheapest weed seeds online, you can visit the online store of United Strains of America.