Consider a medical spa if you are searching for pedicure and manicure services from a conventional spa. That is because it offers you these services away from a clinical environment. The popularity of Scarsdale, NY, aesthetic medical spa services has increased due to their friendly environment and inclusive and non-invasive treatment options.

There are a variety of medical spas to choose from, and here we have discussed how to choose the very best.


When it comes to where your aesthetics medical spa is located, there are a few things you might want to consider. Is the aesthetic medical spa located close to your home or work? If so, that is a good sign. The closer an aesthetic medical spa is to you, the easier it will be for you to reach the office. This can save you time and, therefore, money in transportation costs.

License and medical Director Certification

Medical spas should be licensed as medical facilities, and you should see a copy of their license. The medical director should be board-certified and have direct clinical authority over the services offered. This means that they are responsible for the quality of care you receive and the staff’s skills working at the spa. Evaluate all of the work being done there to ensure it is safe.

The medical director should be on-site available for consultation before and after treatment

The medical director should oversee all treatments. They should not just hand off their patients to other uncertified or non-medical individuals. This ensures that all treatments are medically supervised by a qualified doctor, even if a nurse or nurse’s aide performs them under said supervision.

Do you have questions about what risks are involved with certain procedures, etc.? Ensure you can get answers from someone who knows and not just from an employee who has been instructed to try upselling you on every possible treatment option.

Board Certified MDs or Practitioners

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, we all want to look great. But more importantly, our goal should be to maintain a natural and healthy appearance. While reviewing the credentials of the medical spa’s staff, there are several aspects you should consider.

Check whether they are trained and licensed. Many practitioners do not have proper licensing and may even lack adequate training. In most states, they can legally perform procedures like injectables as long as they work under the supervision of a physician. You can entrust your face to someone who is only partially qualified.

Quality of care

The quality of care is of utmost importance. This can be determined by looking at patient satisfaction scores. The most objective way to research this is to look at online patient reviews on sites such as Google, Facebook, and more. You can also reach out directly to your friends who may have visited a particular medical spa or contact the facility itself for references.

Facility cleanliness

It’s imperative that you take the time to assess a medical spa’s cleanliness. Unclean or disorganized facility raises red flags, and it would be best to avoid them altogether.

To get a sense of the cleanliness of a medical spa, look at everything from the lobby to the treatment rooms. Are there visible signs of dust or dirt? Do things look haphazardly kept? Is there evidence of proper infection control? For example, masks worn by staff? Even if you don’t have an eye for detail, your instinct can tell you if things seem amiss.

Customer service

A good aesthetic medical spa will make you feel at ease and welcome. Your provider should be punctual, courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. If you ever feel uncomfortable, whether it is about your treatment or how you are being treated. It is important to speak up. After all, when your visits are pleasant, focused on your needs and concerns, and free from distractions or pressure to do something that makes you uncomfortable, you can enjoy yourself more.

Finally, if you find a medical spa with all the above aspects, you are assured of quality care. For that and more, get in touch with experts at See Beyond Beauty!