Our health matters; you can agree life feels different when we are healthy and happy. No one wants to become sick; however, we can still do better to prevent illnesses at all times. Making your health a priority means having a care provider you can trust.

A family practice physician in Lady Lake makes your health her top priority. She offers friendly and patient-centered healthcare, treating you like family. Consider calling the practice today to find out more about their services.

Dr. Desai and her team offer various services to cater to all your family health needs. She provides comprehensive care for the following.


Most individuals have diabetes; despite it being a lifestyle disease, it is also inherited. When not given proper care, diabetes can worsen, affecting your daily life.

Diabetes is a condition that occurs due to the fluctuation of your blood sugar levels. Hormone insulin controls your blood sugar. Diabetes occurs when your body does not produce enough insulin.

When not treated, diabetes may lead to severe health issues. It has no cure, but your provider can help manage the condition preventing complications.

Some of the signs that may indicate you have diabetes include:

  •         Increased urination
  •         Dry mouth and itchy skin
  •         Unexplained weight loss
  •         Increased hunger and thirst
  •         Numbness or pain in your legs or feet
  •         Vomiting and nausea

Having injuries that take longer to heal, a blurry vision, or yeast infection may also be a symptom of diabetes. If you experience the named symptoms, you should check with your doctor for further examination and treatment.

Weight management

Weight loss is a struggle for many individuals, but it is good and sometimes critical for your health. Having a medical provider to help with weight loss can make your experience better and more achievable.

Excessive weight puts you at risk of various medical conditions such as:

  •         High blood sugar
  •         High blood pressure
  •         Sleep apnea
  •         Breathing issues
  •         High cholesterol
  •         Gallstones.

At Integrated Family Medical Center, Dr. Desai creates a personalized weight loss program to help you achieve a healthy weight and lower your risk of complications.

Women’s health

Women are unique beings in society and life in general. Dr. Desai understands that and is ready to take care of their wellbeing for improved living. She offers extensive women’s health care including, well-woman exams, to preserve their health.

Well-woman exams enhance screening of diseases and provision of early treatments, preventing complications. Dr. Desai also offers menopause care to make women’s life bearable during that life stage.

Flu shot

Flu is common, and almost everyone is at risk of catching the flu at different seasons throughout the year. A flu shot is a vaccination to protect you from getting the flu. It is the best way to treat flu by prevention.

 Doctors recommend every person have a flu shot every year. It has components that help you fight against the flu virus. Usually, it would be best to have your flu shot in September or October, mostly during the flu season.

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