You may have experienced that gritty feeling in your eyes when they become too dry. However, for some people, the problem is more frequent and permanent. It may be an ongoing issue that demands medical treatment. The condition is also called ocular surface disease and happens when your eyes do not produce enough or the right quality of tears. 

If you struggle with dry eye frequently, do not panic. It is a common condition and can be managed without medication. Following a few tips can help. However, if home remedies and DIY treatments do not work for you, there might be an underlying issue. If the problem persists, consult with an expert at the dry eye specialty clinic bronx ny today. 

Tips for managing dry eye 

  1. Protect your eyes in windy areas. 

Strong wind has the ability to give you dry eyes. Whenever it is windy out there or if you live in a windy region, make sure to wear wraparound glasses before you go out to avoid the wind drying your eyes. The wind should not make direct contact with your eyes. Similar to wind, hair dryers and fans blowing air directly into your eyes can also cause damage. Limit your exposure to them by facing in the opposite direction. 

  1. Avoid makeup that irritates your eyes. 

If you wear makeup, invest in high-quality, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic ones. Cheap and low-quality makeup items can clog your eyes’ oil glands and prevent them from releasing oils that lubricate the tear film. Remove your makeup as soon as you return home from the event or before sleep at night. Preservatives used in eye products can cause irritation, so make sure to buy preservative-free items. 

  1. Blink regularly. 

Blinking is something you do unconsciously and do not think much about. However, blinking can help prevent dry eye by renewing your tear film and moisturizing your eyes. If you spend a lot of time staring at your computer screen for work, this tip is even more important for you. Blink as often as you can and try to spend off-screen time. To avoid forgetting to blink, you can install an app that reminds you to blink your eyes at regular intervals. 

  1. Avoid cigarette smoke. 

If you smoke cigarettes or stay around people who do, you may experience issues with dry eye due to the smoke. There are already many issues with tobacco use and smoking, and eye damage is one of them. If you already struggle with dry eyes, cigarettes can irritate them even more and worsen the condition. 

By Johnson