Have you tirelessly tried to conceive with no results? Several factors can cause conception failure. For males, low or weak sperms are the main culprits. For women, you could have uterine fibroids, endometriosis, damaged fallopian tubes, or other reproductive health problems. The conception journey can be frustrating, especially if you have been to numerous fertility programs with no success. San Diego IVF can be a solution in your quest to become a parent in light of fertility problems. Here are some of the top benefits that make IVF among the most sought-after infertility treatment options.

Infertility solution

The common causes of infertility in women are premature ovaries, thyroid disease, fibroids, and endometriosis. Some of the causes go unnoticed until you seek fertility assistance. While you have various alternatives to consider, IVF wins because it uses advanced technology. The technology and methods used increase the success rate as it maneuvers over some fertility problems derailing your progress. For instance, if a premature ovary is the main hiccup, you can beat it since IVF entails implanting a fertilized egg in your uterus. Maneuvering the common fertility roadblocks increases your conception chances, giving IVF an edge.

High chances of a healthy child

Through IVF, you can avoid passing a genetic disorder to your child if you/your partner have it or are at high risk. The IVF process includes genetic tests to establish if there are any genetic disorders. If you are at high risk of passing genetic disorders, you can opt for advancements like mitochondrial donation, potentially preventing the child from developing the genetic disorders. Besides the technology, you will be guided to adopt a healthier lifestyle before implantation, after, and throughout your term. This eases the journey and increases the chances of giving birth to a healthier baby.

Conception control

Parenthood needs planning before and after the baby arrives. Besides, you might like to have your kid at a specific month or season when you have more time to care for the baby. IVF is convenient, allowing you to conceive on your time, as fertilized eggs can be frozen and kept for later use.

Fertility preservation

Nothing is certain in life. For instance, you can suffer a serious condition that can compromise your reproductive health. With IVF, your doctor can harvest and freeze the eggs for future use. Moreover, if your uterus is not functioning properly or pregnancy might result in health issues, you can pick a gestational carrier.

Personalized treatment

Depending on your preferences and medical history, with the help of a doctor, you can tailor when you can start IVF treatment. When you opt for the IVF option, you are allowed to use your eggs and sperm or from donors. This creates more chances of successful conception and pregnancy.

IVF employs advanced technology to help aspiring parents actualize their dreams. While the process can be long, physically, and emotionally demanding, the high success rate makes it worth the time and commitment. Call Gen 5 Fertility today to learn more about IVF and how it can help.

By Johnson