Having one doctor familiar with your medical records is crucial in today’s healthcare system. Primary care patients enjoy better treatment of chronic illnesses, lower total healthcare expenditures, and greater satisfaction with their care, according to research published in Health Affairs. For instance, if you are dealing with acute health problems New Braunfels, having a reliable primary care practice can help you solve the issue quickly and return to your routine. In addition, here are the main reasons you should establish a trusting connection with your family doctor to help you and your loved ones get the best possible medical treatment.

Diagnosis of illness in its earliest stages

According to research published in JAMA, those who have primary care are much more likely to have undergone a wellness assessment within the last year and to have had cancer screenings such as colorectal cancer screening and mammography. The prognosis for cancer improves if it is diagnosed and treated early. Moreover, the National Cancer Institute reports that people are less likely to die from cancer when they have thorough tests.

Holistic healthcare

Throughout the last several decades, there has been a marked increase in the field’s specializations. Around a third of all seniors see five or more different kinds of medical specialists each year. While it is ideal to be treated by specialists in a certain area, it may be difficult to coordinate the treatment you get from several physicians when unwell. Having a regular doctor may assist immensely. Your primary care physician may serve as your “medical home base,” keeping tabs on your overall health, helping you establish treatment goals, and coordinating your care with any necessary specialists.

One advantage of primary care for the elderly is that it facilitates access to secondary or tertiary medical services when needed. An older adult seeking primary care might work with their doctor to decide whether they need to see a specialist. It may guarantee that the elderly get prompt and appropriate treatment and reduce the number of times they needlessly attend the emergency department.


One health resource that understands your history is your primary care doctor, who has seen you for anything from stomachaches to vaccines to blood pressure management. There is no need to go into detail about your family history of heart disease or the drugs you are taking and their dosages at each consultation since this information is already in your medical record.

Enhanced care quality

The quality of both general and specialist practices has been studied extensively. Several specialty areas, such as diabetes, have discovered that care provided by a general practitioner is equivalent to or superior to that of a hospital-based specialist. However, other studies have failed to substantiate this data. This study adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that primary care’s comprehensive approach to patient health makes it the gold standard.

Starting a long-term relationship with a primary care physician comes with several perks. There is peace of mind in knowing there is someone you can rely on whenever you feel a bit under the weather. Get in touch with a primary care specialist today and safeguard your health. 

By Johnson