You normally call your doctor when you feel sick, or something is wrong. Therefore, visiting a doctor when you feel okay might seem counterintuitive. However, seeing your primary care doctor regularly can benefit you in ways you may not realize.

Despite the feeling that your health is in order, undertaking a Mesa annual check up is essential. It serves as a wellness check to address any health problems and talk with your doctor about preventive measures in the future. In this blog, we will examine why an annual checkup is essential to maintaining good health.

Get A Current Health Assessment

Everyone is at a different level on their healthcare journey. Some factors that affect your health include; lifestyle, family history, age, activity level, and diet. During your annual checkup, your doctor ensures up-to-date healthcare maintenance.

However, it focuses more on preventative health. You might also be sent for colonoscopy, mammography, lung imaging, prostrate screening, and other tests that might detect cancer in its early stages. Depending on your test results, your doctor might recommend changes to your daily routines or diet.

Learn About Your Risk for Chronic Disease

According to statistics, around three in five adults in the U.S. live with a chronic disease. These chronic conditions, such as kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease, are the leading cause of disability and death for men and women.

Annual checkups allow your doctor to review your risk factors for chronic disease, discuss lifestyle choices that contribute to your disease risk, and offer strategies to manage or mitigate the risk. Annual exams are one of the best preventative tools when avoiding chronic diseases.

Review Your Medications

Regardless of how great you feel, it is certain that medical concerns and questions will come up. An annual exam provides the perfect time to ask any questions and concerns to your doctor. Also, it presents a great time to discuss any medications you use.

Whether you are considering discontinuing a current medication or beginning a new prescription for a problem, your annual checkup is the best time to address it. Your doctor will review your medical records to determine your medication plan. Normally, lifestyle modifications can decrease the need for medications.

Update Your Vaccinations

Immunizations are not only for children. Based on your gender and age, you might require a vaccine to protect you from diseases such as pneumonia and flu. Some key adult vaccines are shingles, flu shots, diphtheria boosters, tetanus, and pneumococcal vaccine. 

Men and women under 25 years should get a human papillomavirus vaccine. Also, measles cases have increased, and experts recommend the vaccine for adults who have not had the vaccine in at least ten years. During your annual checkup, you will check whether your immunization is up-to-date with your doctor.

Save Money On Long-Term Costs

Annual screenings and preventative care are a perfect investment for your health. While the annual checkup may seem like an unnecessary or additional expense, it is an expenditure that will save you money in the long run.

The earlier the illnesses are detected, the easier it will be to be treated. This lowers your health care costs down the road. It will help prevent unexpected, sudden expenses and huge hospital bills. Also, it will be easier for your doctor to detect an issue requiring further evaluation.

Examining your health is not just important when you are unwell. There are lots of health problems that might go unnoticed for some time. An annual checkup is vital for early identification and prevention, assessing overall health, updating vaccinations, and building a relationship with your doctor.

Visiting your doctor at least once annually will ensure you do everything to live a healthy life. It will significantly affect your health and allow you to avoid more regular and serious medical visits. If it has been over a year since your last annual exam, make an appointment today.

By Johnson