Do you know the value of that classic watch you have at home? Yes, Rolex, Philippe, Patek and many others are beautiful to wear and keep in a safe place. Still, it is a valuable asset today if you want to sell. Why? These classic pieces hold value because of the design, reputation, workmanship, and exclusivity with lasting appeal.

However, each brand has a unique identity with features when you visit pawnbrokers Melbournespecialists that can influence the value. Still, what are the top brands, and how do the pawnshops determine the value.

One of the quality brands that can bring you fast cash is Rolex, which has an iconic status maintaining excellent value. Whether you have a Daytona, Rolex GMT, or Submariner, all of them are desirable models no more in production. So, your Submariner can fetch a high value.

Another excellent example of a classic timepiece bringing in loads of money is the Audemars Piguet. It is a famous Swiss brand that has style and exquisite technology. In addition, it is a failsafe investment piece as it has a rare vintage timepiece.

While the Breitling is the pilot’s watch choice linked closely to aviation with advanced technological features. Not to mention Cartier is a top luxury brand and if you are fortunate to own one, you have a valuable asset.

Therefore, if you want fast cash or even a loan, your go-to specialist to use your asset with value is visiting an elite pawn shop near me. First, the dealer will consider the watch’s condition, rarity, provenance, and age. Then, all you need to do is take the original documentation like your authenticity certificate.

When it comes to assessing the value of the watch, pawnbrokers consider different factors. They will first look at your watch’s market value, as it helps them determine what they can sell the timepiece for.

These factors in determining the value are to tap into their industry knowledge with expertise to refer to the current watch price lists or other similar items for sale online. For example, suppose you have a rare luxury watch like the Rolex on a rare occasion. In that case, the dealer might call in the help of a specialist to help evaluate the market worth.

Still, you must remember that the amount you receive will not equal the market value of luxury watches. Most pawnbrokers Melbourne experts offer a buyback price of around 70% of the actual value of the watch.

Furthermore, the demand and supply will also influence the price if the brand or model is filled up in the market. Then you can expect to receive a lower cost compared to a watch in high demand or short-supplied. 

The watch model also plays a role as exclusive brands like Rolex Submariner can command a higher value and are considered an investment piece or even a limited edition. Another factor is the watch’s condition and authenticity and should not malfunction as it could affect future sales.

So, suppose you do want the best deal selling your luxury watch. In that case, choosing a trustworthy yet professional pawnbroker in Melbourne is best. However, when you need to get your hands on fast cash, selling your luxury watch is the best option.