It’s not always easy to find the time to take care of your eyes, but it is essential. Dry eyes can make you feel like there is something in your eye or something is wrong with them when they are dry and uncomfortable. What causes dry eye syndrome? It could be a virus, allergies, medications (especially antihistamines), chronic sinusitis, an autoimmune disorder such as Sjögren’s Syndrome, or lupus. Seeing an optometrist in Maitland, FL, is a good idea as they’ll offer the proper treatment for dry eyes. Visit the best center for dry eyes in Maitland, Florida. Which are the standard treatments for dry eyes?

Eyelid Massage Technique

Eyelid massage is a method that can be used to reduce symptoms of dry eyes. You can do this at home, and it’s not going to cost you a lot of money. Eyelid massage works best if done in the morning before you begin your day or right before bedtime when you are ready for sleep.

The technique involves placing your thumb on the inner corner of your eyelid and your index finger on the outside of your eyelid. Gently massage in a circular motion for about one minute. Depending on how bad your dry eyes are, you may need to do this a few times a day.

This technique helps increase the production of tears, which will help to lubricate your eyes. It can also help the glands that produce tears to improve over time. You can also use an eye lubricating solution to help treat dry eyes.

Warm Compresses

You can also try using a warm compress to treat the symptoms of dry eyes. Warm compresses reduce pain, but they may benefit other health reasons.

Place a clean washcloth in hot water. It does not need to be boiling or even very hot—use warm enough water to remove any chill from the cloth. Wring out the washcloth so it’s not dripping wet, and then place it over your closed eyes for about five minutes.

This warm washcloth will help increase blood circulation to your eyes and help loosen any dried mucus or crusts. It can also help to relieve itching and irritation.

Artificial Tears to Replace Your Tears

If you are experiencing dry eyes, it is vital to replace your tears. Tears are necessary to keep your eyes lubricated and healthy. You can do this by using artificial tears.

There are many different types of artificial tears on the market, so you can find one that works best for you. Some come in a drop form, while others are available in ointment form.

Eye Drops to Stimulate Tear Production

Eye drops that stimulate tear production are intended to help those with a mild dry eye condition. It can be used daily to ease symptoms and may even have a longer-term effect on the condition itself.

There are a few different types of eye drops that stimulate tear production. The most common type is available over the counter and is called Restasis. This eye drop contains cyclosporine, which helps to increase tear production.

Dry eyes can be uncomfortable and irritating, but it’s not always clear what the cause of your dry eye symptoms is. If you have been experiencing dry eyes for a while, see your doctor. Your doctor may help determine the cause and how to treat it.