Safe driving goes a long way in keeping you and your family safe and your insurance premium in check. Even still, car accidents can occur as a result of negligent drivers. And when they do, you may be looking at several physical injuries and car repairs. If you get an auto accident injury Woodbury, you should see your doctor for an evaluation to ensure you are in good condition. Below are common types of auto accident injuries.


Whiplash is a neck injury that occurs due to the head’s sudden and rapid back and forth movement and mostly occurs due to rear-end car accidents. It causes several symptoms such as stiffness and neck pain that worsen with activity, headaches, tenderness in the shoulder, reduced range of motion in the neck, and fatigue. Most people with whiplash get better within a few weeks of using pain medications. However, the pain may sometimes be chronic, especially if some bones are broken. You may need to see your doctor for a prompt diagnosis to rule out broken bones and other damages that may worsen symptoms.


A fracture is a partial or complete break in the continuity of bone; it can occur anywhere in the body, including the spine, arms, hips, and legs; when you break a bone, other surrounding structures such as the skin may or may not get damaged. For example, a closed fracture only affects the bone, but a compound fracture is more serious; when the bone cuts through the skin, it risks infection. Fractures are generally painful and may cause other signs and symptoms such as swelling, bruising, inability to move the affected area, and bleeding if it is an open fracture. If the bones are misaligned, the doctor positions them by manipulating the external site externally. Surgery is usually an option for severe fractures.


A sprain is an injury that occurs when you stretch or tear your ligaments. Sprains affect your ankle most of the time, but other ligaments in your body can be affected. You can treat mild sprains at home with simple measures such as rest, compression, ice, and elevation. If the ligament is torn, you may require surgery to repair it. Symptoms depend on the extent of the injury, but generally, a sprain will cause pain, swelling, bruising, and limited motion range in the affected joint.


A concussion is a brain injury that occurs due to a violent blow to your head or the upper part of your body. It affects your brain function and may lead to temporary side effects such as headaches and problems with memory balance, concentration, and coordination. These symptoms may be subtle and may not show up immediately after an accident. Brain injury can be fatal, especially internal bleeding; therefore, you should not hesitate to seek help after a head injury.

Buckling your seatbelt may help prevent serious head injuries during a car accident. If you take your children with you, ensure that you buckle them up in their car seats.

Consult your healthcare provider at Woodbury Spine to learn about auto collision injuries.