Tattooing your skin is a life-changing decision. Well, because tattoos are permanent. Many people have tattoos that mean something to them. They contain a special and deep meaning, representing them, their style, beliefs, and values. 

When people want to get a tattoo, especially an additional one, they search on the internet for tattoo images that entice them the most. Barely do they give much reason to the different types of tattoos styles. Frankly, the style and size of a tattoo depend on your taste, but do you know the different tattoo styles? This article outlines some popular tattoo styles in the world, and it will give you a deeper insight into these types, allowing you to determine what style works best for you. Read on to find out more. 

Traditional Tattoo Style

The traditional tattoo style, commonly referred to as “American Traditional Tattoos”, use bold lines and vivid colors. The style commonly features stereotypical tattoo designs like anchors, crosses, and skulls. The main reasons why these tattoos have retained their popularity is because of their beauty, timelessness, and vividness.  

Watercolor Tattoo Style

Watercolor tattoos remain to be the fun and popular body art expressions that use watercolor painting. However, they are not all that simple because they call for the deep technical know-how and intense talent to design exquisite designs on the human body. 

They are often recreations of images or cartoon characters and are temporary. However, other tattoo styles borrow from them to help bring about lively and contrasting tattoo elements that resemble art. 

Realistic Tattoos

Ever seen tattoos that resemble portraits with so many layers and detail to them that they seem like the tattoo could jump off the skin? Those are called realistic tattoos. 

These tattoos usually use black and grey shading and represent faces of people or celebrities, nature, art, animals, and other realistic objects in nature. Truly talented tattoo artists can only do them because they require a lot of detail to create sketches from actual pictures. 

If you ever decide to get a realistic tattoo, it is great to ask for the artist’s samples of past work, because inexperienced artists can easily fail to recreate your desired tattoo. Again, only truly talented artists can design this type of tattoo.

Tribal Tattoos Styles

Tribal tattoos are yet another example of tattoos that have retained popularity even after many centuries. This class of tattoo dates back to the ancient tribal era where indigenous people and groups had them to mark their tribe or group. Over the years, tattoo artists have collected various tribal tattoo designs from different cultures, which are either used to retain a heartfelt message or combined to create modern designs. 

These tattoos are commonly designed and drawn using black ink and carry different patterns that represent distinct cultures. People either have them for traditional and meaningful reasons or their aesthetic looks. 

Neo-traditional Tattoo Styles

Neo-traditional tattoo styles are derived from traditional tattoos but vary slightly in that they commonly copy illustrative designs and are influenced by Art Deco and Art Nouveau groups. They are decorative tattoos that carry lush designs and detail such as flowers, animals, faces, among other forms of imagery. 

Thin Line Tattoos

Thin line tattoos are fairly new in the industry and entail the use of thin round needles and high-color palettes to design tattoos that carry great detail and shades without the use of bold lines used in traditional tattoo styles. The style has gained popularity over the last few years and is used mainly for micro tattoos. 

Final Thought

There are various tattoo designs ranging from traditional, tribal, neo-traditional, realistic, thin line tattoos, watercolor tattoos, among other styles. Understanding these different tattoo types is important to ensure that you get a tattoo design that suits your tastes and style.