Did you know your dental health is part of your overall health and wellness? Dental hygiene is critical in preserving your dental health. Daily brushing and flossing keep your mouth clean by keeping away harmful bacteria, preventing tooth decay or gum disease. Regular dental checkups are important in promoting your dental health. Dr. Constantina Bacopoulou, a general and cosmetic dentist at Carnegie Dental Wellness, offers comprehensive dental care to enhance your smile and dental health. Call today to schedule your consultation to learn more about the available dental services.

Dr. Bacopoulou and her team commits to offering quality dental care to patients of all ages in a safe and convenient location in New York. You can expect to receive personalized care that meets all your concerns. The award-winning dentist offers patient-centered care in various dental services, including:

Cosmetic dentistry

It involves dental techniques to make your teeth and smile more appealing. In addition, for aesthetic purposes, cosmetic dentistry also promotes oral health.

Cosmetic dentistry procedures focus on primarily restoring and enhancing your smile. They help on solving various dental concerns such as:

  •         Discolored teeth
  •         Overcrowding
  •         Chipped or fractured teeth
  •         Missing teeth
  •         Widely spaced teeth

Carnegie Dental Wellness offers different cosmetic dentistry treatments, including:

  •         Crowns
  •         Veneers
  •         Bridges
  •         Dental implants
  •         Teeth whitening
  •         Invisalign
  •         Gum contouring
  •         Cosmetic bonding

General dentistry

It involves a wide range of dental care services to enhance dental health and wellness. General dentistry primarily focuses on:

  •         Managing chronic dental health issues
  •         Screening of oral health issues
  •         Treating illness and disease affecting your dental system
  •         Diagnosing dental health issues
  •         Preventing dental health conditions and illnesses

It ensures the health of your teeth, gums, and your jawbone. It allows preservation of your oral health, including the teeth, at all times.

General dentistry services include the following:

  •         Detailed oral exams
  •         Dental cleaning
  •         Tooth extractions
  •         Gum treatment
  •         Fillings
  •         Crowns
  •         Root canals
  •         Dentures
  •         Sealants
  •         Dental implants
  •         Orthodontics
  •         Mouthguards and nightguards

Restorative dentistry

It involves dental restorations, including oral surgery that repair dental issues such as oral injuries or gum disease. It includes the following:

Dental implants

They are metal tooth roots that replace missing teeth. They join with your jaw bone to give stable support for crowns, bridges, or dentures.

Composite fillings

They repair a damaged enamel as a result of a cavity.

Root canal

It prevents tooth extraction. Your provider removes the damaged part of the teeth at the center of the tooth.

Other dental restorations include crowns, dentures, bridges, inlays, and onlays.

Emergency dentistry

Emergency dentistry is crucial as it helps save your teeth, relieve pain, or prevent a dental complication. Dental problems or accidents can happen at any time; hence, you must get immediate care without waiting for an appointment.

Some of the cases that may require emergency dental care include:

  •         Blows to the mouth
  •         Oral abscesses
  •         Knocked-out teeth
  •         Damaged dental restorations
  •         Foreign objects stuck between teeth
  •         Cuts and lacerations
  •         Cracked, chipped, or damaged teeth
  •         Severe toothache
  •         Excessive bleeding

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Dental care focuses on maintaining your dental health and enhancing your smile. If you require any dental service, Dr. Bacopoulou can help you. Reach out today through their offices to schedule your appointment.