There are various dental problems; hence, determining which ones are emergencies can indeed be difficult. In more critical circumstances, delaying a day to visit the dentist could be the difference between keeping or losing a tooth. Not certain how to tell what is urgent and what can wait? Keep an eye out for these five indicators to see if you require emergency dentistry in Beaumont, CA.

What Are the Signs That You Need Emergency Dental Care?

1)      Broken Tooth

If your tooth is simply chipped and you are not suffering any discomfort, there is no need to see an emergency dentist. Typically, a knocked-out or shattered permanent tooth usually causes excruciating agony. Not only will obtaining emergency dental services enable you to manage your discomfort, but it could also save your tooth.

If the tooth has been knocked out completely, put it in a glass of milk till you get emergency dental treatment. This procedure enhances the possibility of the tooth being saved and reinserted.

2)      Inexplicable Toothaches

Toothaches that are inexplicable, continuous, and intense could indicate gum disease or infection. If the pain is mild, start with these at-home remedies. However, if the pain worsens or does not subside, it is time to see your emergency dentist. In the worst-case situation, you could end up with an abscessed tooth.

Feel all around the gums for a lump close to the tooth that generates pain. Other warning symptoms to look out for include tooth sensitivity, fever, and inflammation in the mouth or face. If you observe any of these symptoms, locate an emergency dental facility right away.

3)      Bleeding Gums

It is typical to experience minor bleeding gums after brushing or flossing or if you have been confirmed with gum disease. However, if the bleeding is severe, persistent, and accompanied by discomfort or edema, you should contact your dentist. Inexplicable gum bleeding may be an indication of gum disease.

4)      Swollen Jaw or Mouth

There are numerous reasons for a swollen jaw. It could be triggered by an infection, inflamed lymph nodes, or in exceedingly rare circumstances, malignancy. As previously stated, this is also an indication of gum disease. Therefore, it is important to make an emergency dental visit because you cannot determine what is triggering the inflammation.

5)      ‘Pennies-Like’ Taste in Your Mouth

When you taste metal in your mouth, it is usually a telltale indication that your filling or crown is loose. It is critical to obtain emergency dental care as soon as possible since an unsealed filling can lead to cavities and infection. If you wait too long, you may end up requiring a root canal to correct the condition.

Although an oral hygiene program can assist in maintaining healthy gum and teeth, sometimes dental emergencies do occur. Now that you understand what constitutes a dental emergency, you realize how important it is to seek care as soon as possible to avoid the problem worsening. Fortunately, Daniel Park, DDS, and the emergency dentists at Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental are accessible whenever you need them. Call the office or use the online scheduling tool to arrange an appointment today.