When people go shopping at the grocery store, they see tons of groceries that call themselves organic.  Sometimes it seems like producers call their products organic so that they can charge a higher price.  Nowadays you can even see organic instant coffees. You might wonder what makes a coffee organic.


The US Department of Agriculture considers several factors when deciding whether a product is organic.  First, the product has to have been grown in soil that has had no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides applied to it for three years prior to harvest.   Secondly, the soil has to be managed through cultivation practices rather than chemical practices.  Insects must be controlled through biological or botanical methods rather than chemicals. 

A few other details: the seeds cannot be genetically engineered, ionizing radiation cannot be used, and sewage sludge cannot be used. 

Boomi Instant Coffee is Organically Grown

Boomi Coffee company is one of the few instant coffee makers that produce a totally organic instant coffee. Their organic growing process extends from seed to first sip.

Boomi instant coffee begins with an organic seed bean.  The seed is not treated with any chemicals to make it germinate faster. Then it is placed in soil that has not been treated with any herbicide chemicals. 

As the seeds sprout and the weeds start coming up, Boomi coffee does not use any weed killers.  As the seedlings grow stronger, manure is applied as fertilizer.  But not just any manure – this manure is also organic and has had no contact with any chemicals. 

Why go to all this trouble?  Because all these chemicals affect the taste of the coffee.  Coffee is very efficient at absorbing the tastes of chemicals. 

When coffee is raised organically and processed, it makes it the best instant coffee. When people first taste Boomi organic instant coffee, they are amazed that it really does taste like freshly brewed coffee. Since there has been no contact with chemicals and pesticides, the instant coffee crystals are pure coffee. 

Earth Friendly Benefits

Not only does organically grown coffee taste better, but raising coffee organically is better for mother earth.  An organic farm emits less carbon than a chemical farm. 

Also, organic coffee is raised in an organic way.  Coffee loves shade.  The organic way of growing coffee is to let it grow in the forest.  But non-organic coffee is grown in the sun because they can produce more coffee that way.  So the non-organic coffee growers clear forests to make open fields. Clearing the +forest   destroys the forest habitat—the flowers, the animals, the insects.

Non-organic farming kills the natural pest-deterrents like birds and lizards.  Without the natural fertilizers of bird droppings and leaf litter, the non-organic farmers are forced to use chemical fertilizers. 

Without the forest canopy, rainwater runs off and washes away soil.  The soil that is already full of chemicals washes away into local water supplies and pollutes them.

So, the next time you think about buying organic instant coffee, remember you are helping yourself and the earth.