Having your whole family checked by one dentist has a lot of benefits. Usually, it saves time and resources you would incur if you were to consult different dentists for every family member. Therefore, getting a family dentist for your family is essential because they are always available and are aware of the dental history of each family member, thus making it easy to ensure your family’s oral health is maintained. Therefore, you can have your oral health examined by Esther Oluwo DDS, a committed family dentist who takes care of all dental aspects of each family member. Below are a few dental services available.

Oral exams

Generally, oral examinations are preventive measures employed to help promote the health of your gums and teeth. During your appointment, your family dentists usually examine your gums, teeth, and tongue to help identify some potential signs of serious oral conditions. Therefore, if anything abnormal is noted, your care provider requests additional tests like a biopsy or x-ray to help form a diagnosis.

Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning involves the use of handheld items to get rid of plaque that has formed on your teeth. Usually, the plaque is composed of bacteria, food particles, and saliva that has accumulated underneath the surface of your teeth and gum. When the plaque hardens and adheres to your teeth, it is referred to as tartar. Therefore, it is essential to schedule routine dental or teeth cleaning, even if you usually brush your teeth regularly, to help remove any plaque or tartar that might have formed on your teeth.

Digital x-rays

x-rays involve ionizing radiation and digital sensors to take pictures of your jaw, tooth roots, and alveolar bone, whose function is to hold the teeth. In most cases, your care provider may recommend using digital x-rays to help capture or detect any invisible health problems to the human eye. Examples of concerns detected using x-rays are a damaged pulp cavity and impacted wisdom teeth.

dental restorations

Dental restorations refer to artificially made oral appliances commonly used to replace or repair missing or damaged teeth. Your family dentist can therefore offer various dental restorations depending on your condition. Examples of dental restorations offered include dentures, crowns, dental implants, and bridges.


Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that involves using unique devices to help improve the alignment or position of your jaw and teeth. Most people who usually use orthodontic treatment are teens or children, but it is also safe for adults.

Dental sealants

They are commonly used to seal cavities in teeth and prevent permanent tooth loss. In most cases, children are not thorough when brushing their teeth, thus increasing their risk of developing cavities at a very young age. In this case, dental sealants are used to prevent tooth loss.

Schedule your appointment at TLN Family Dental today and let your care providers determine if you can benefit from family dentistry. You can also consult the specialists concerning any dental concern you might be experiencing because they offer services other than family dentistry. You can also visit their website and learn more about other services offered. Doing so will ensure your jawbone, gums, and teeth remain healthy. If you need a family dentist to cater to your family’s needs, you can also inquire about their services to ensure you walk home with the best.