Inhaling or consuming any stimulant drug has its side effects. Cocaine is no different. Like any stimulant taken for entertainment, Cocaine side effects are a matter of concern to its consumers. The worst part is that since it is highly addictive, it has many side-effects.

  • Cocaine

It is a highly addictive stimulant derived from the Coca plant. The plant is primarily found in the Americas. Sold as a powder or solid rock-like crystals, Cocaine can be consumed either by snorting or breathing fumes of the rock-like form. Consumers of Cocaine also call it rock, coke, or snow. It has a chemical called Dopamine, that when consumed gives a high. In other words, it raises the level of alertness and pleasure of the person who has snorted or smelt it. Finally, it is that sort of a chemical that makes the human brain adaptive with its use. That is to say, the more one consumes it, the more does the brain adapt to it. Therefore, over a period of time, the craving for it increases. This can often lead to an overdose with very serious side-effects, some of which have fatal consequences.

What are the Side Effects of Cocaine Consumption?

Consuming Cocaine over a regular period of time can have very serious repercussions on the human body. In other words, the more the addiction to snorting or smelling it, the more will be its side-effects. And the Cocaine side effects are very harmful. Frequent dosage of the drug can cause irreparable damage to the brain. Therefore, addiction to this chemical can lead to memory loss, lack of alertness, insomnia, and complete failure to react to situations. In addition, it has the potential to damage the heart and lungs.

The immediate short-term Cocaine side effects are moving into an abnormal state of happiness and excitement. In other words, Cocaine addicts who have consumed it for a long period of time, gradually start to lose the sense of emotion. Even as they move into a high, which is a euphemism for extreme happiness, they tend to show mood swings. For instance, a Cocaine user will at one moment be laughing in excitement and the very next moment falls into a state of irritation and anger.

The journey towards total physical and mental destruction starts once the body cannot live without smelling or snorting it. In other words, Cocaine addiction can prove to be fatal. Addicts of Cocaine are prone to seizures, heart attacks, lung failure, bowl decay, and the general failure of organs. All these side-effects eventually lead to death. 

How to Treat Side Effects of Cocaine?

Cocaine addicts are admitted to a rehabilitation center and go through counseling during treatment to get rid of Cocaine side effects. In other words, the only way out of Cocaine addiction is therapeutic. This requires living in a rehab place for a period of time. In addition, addicts go through sessions with therapists who counsel and guide them through transitions in their behavior.