The eyes will always capture the beautiful scenery. A beautiful house with good paintings will always be appealing to onlookers. That goes to a beautiful facial appearance. It will always be appealing and attractive to other people. A face free from wrinkles and aging can only be possible if you consider facial reconstruction and restoration through cosmetic surgery. To achieve this goal, you can only visit Atlanta John David Mullins, MD PC, who is experienced in plastic and cosmetic surgery and ensures you achieve your goal. You do not have to experience low self-esteem due to your aging skin, while you can turn your clock backward through facial reconstruction. Learn more about cosmetic surgery before booking an appointment.

  1. Breast augmentation remains the most popular

A vast number of women have undergone breast augmentation making it one of the most popular cosmetic surgical procedures. Women undergo this procedure to enlarge small breasts, refill deflated or sagging breasts, and make uneven breasts proportional.

  1. Teens undergo cosmetic surgery too

The cosmetic procedure is not only done to the old people who want to reconstruct their appearance but also to the youths who wish to improve their body parts. Most teens want to improve their body parts such as nose reshaping, removing unwanted hair, skin resurfacing, and ear surgery.

  1. Most procedures are done on the 40 and above year old age group

Most of the cosmetic procedures are done to people above the age of forty since, at this age bracket, the body has started experiencing changes. This age group has experienced aging signs, they have also had children which may affect their breasts and require them to restore their appearance. They are also stable in that they can afford the cost of the surgery.

  1. More than 90 percent of procedures are common to women

The majority of women will go seeking cosmetic surgery. Their body is prone to be affected by aging more than that of men and that’s why they will want to restore their appearance more than men. Women will seek reconstructive procedures such as chemical peels, botox, and laser hair removal.

  1. Lasers are doing more of the work

Cosmetic procedures have become effective and successful due to lasers. The procedures are taking less time with just the use of local anesthesia. Unlike traditional plastic surgery which requires people to stay in hospital for hours and take several days to recover.

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