Dental health begins with good oral hygiene habits, including brushing and flossing your teeth. However, you may still find yourself with a tooth injury or tooth decay interfering with your teeth’ function. Tooth damage may also affect your smile quality, making you feel less confident. If you cannot chew or speak properly due to teeth damage, the dental crowns Midtown specialist can help you. 286 Madison Dental offers quality and lasting crowns to restore your oral health and improve your teeth function. Keep reading as we look into details about dental crowns.

What are dental crowns?

These are toothlike covers that fit over your teeth to support your teeth’ structure. You may benefit from dental crowns if you have tooth decay or if your teeth are weak and prone to damage or breakage.

A dental crown is also a part of replacing a missing tooth, where your provider places it on top of the dental implant or bridge. You may also use dental crowns to cover stained teeth, improving your smile.  A dental crown is also essential after a root canal treatment; it protects the tooth from further damage.

Dental crowns enhance teeth function, such as chewing and speaking, while promoting oral health.

Dental crowns are available in different materials, including metal porcelain, porcelain, or full gold. Your choice depends on your preference and desired goals. Full porcelain is the best choice if you are looking for a natural appearance.

Porcelain crowns are quality and translucent resembling your natural tooth color.

Full gold and metal porcelain crowns are very strong and ensure stability. They make an excellent option for teeth at the back of your mouth. Because they are not visible when you smile and require strength for chewing.

What to expect during dental crowns treatment?

Your procedure for dental crowns begins with a local anesthesia administration. Your provider then removes the outer part of your teeth.

They shape your teeth to ensure the dental crown will fit over your tooth. Then they take digital impressions of your teeth and send them to the lab.

It takes about 2-3 weeks to manufacture your crowns. Your dentist provides you with a temporary crown to wear to protect the prepared tooth. After the three weeks are over, you return to the office for custom crown installation.

Can you have same-day crowns?

Yes, the team at 286 Madison Dental offers the CEREC same-day crown. Your provider takes a 3D image of your mouth, which they use to make your custom crown.

They use a CEREC machine that makes the porcelain crown within 30 minutes. They ensure to choose a color similar to your natural teeth.

What are the benefits of a dental crown?

Dental crowns provide you with the following benefits.

  •         Improved tooth color
  •         Protects a damaged or decayed tooth
  •         Covers a dental implant
  •         Restores your tooth shape
  •         Improved teeth function
  •         Improved smile

With proper management, dental crowns can last up to 15 years. It’s critical to avoid biting hard objects, including ice, pencils, or popcorn seeds.

If you have damaged teeth, or tooth decay, dental crowns may help promote your oral health. Dental crowns offer protection to your teeth while restoring their shape, color, and function. Call 286 Madison Dental to schedule your consultation for dental crowns installation.