CT Scan is the short form of a computer tomography scan.  It is an imaging test that allows your doctor to see fine details of your internal organs like the blood vessels, fat, muscles, and bones. Therefore, there are many reasons that the Sugar Land CT Scan specialist can recommend the test, especially to diagnose an illness or an injury to those organs. The procedure is simple and takes only about fifteen minutes at the doctor’s office. However, it would help to discuss certain things with your doctor to enhance your safety and get better results.

Ask for Specialized Instructions

When your doctor recommends a CT scan for your diagnosis, it would be good to ask if there are specific instructions you should follow before the procedure.  Depending on your scan, it could be necessary to modify your lifestyle. You might have to alter your medication schedule, modify your activity levels, and restrict what you eat or drink. If your doctor provides a sheet of instructions on your consultation appointment, ensure you carefully read it and ask for clarification accordingly.

Talk About Your Pregnancy

If you think you are pregnant, it is good to let your doctor know. Remember that a CT scan will expose you to radiation, which is better to caution against. Although the small amount of radiation used might not affect you or your unborn child, it is better to play safe and eliminate any chances of exposing your unborn child to radiation. Just tell your doctor if there is any chance you could be pregnant, and they can order a pregnancy test to clear that up.  You might want to consider other imaging tests like MRI if you are pregnant.

Discuss Any Kidney Function Complications

If you have kidney function problems such as kidney disease or infection, it is helpful to alert your CT scan specialist. Note that a CT scan involves the use of a contrast dye which may not be cleared when you have kidney issues. Therefore, your provider might opt to offer a CT scan without the contrast dye or choose another imaging test for you. Additionally, alert your provider when you have frequent UTIs or trouble emptying your bladder.

Discuss Your Allergies

You might be allergic to the contrast dye used in a CT scan, and your doctor ought to have the information. It might mean avoiding the contrast during your CT scan or opting for another test. Your allergic reaction could be life-threatening and not worth risking. In most cases, iodine is used and is administered through IV. Therefore, know if you are allergic to the substance and tell your doctor about it.

Preparing Physically

It is crucial to discuss how to get ready for your CT scan physically. This involves leaving jewelry at home and removing any other metal objects you might have before the scan. You will need to wear a hospital gown and lie down still during the scan. Additionally, ensure you carefully listen to your doctor during the test as they might need to pass additional information through an intercom.

A CT scan consultation appointment is crucial in ensuring you discuss critical issues with your doctor before the procedure. It helps you learn how to prepare and what you can expect, ready for it. Book your appointment with ST Michael’s Elite Hospital CT scan specialists to be enlightened about the procedure.