Have you been struggling to lose weight? Frustrated by your lack of results?

Did you know the problem might not be you OR the diet? It might be a bad fit between your diet “personality” and the diet you’re following.

Diets are like shoes – some fit a bit too wide, some are too narrow in the toe and others, to quote from Goldilocks, are just right.

A well fitting pair of shoes are worth their weight in gold (a fact that will become even clearer to you as you get older, ladies).

And just like shoes, a well-fitting diet is also worth its weight in gold. A well-fitting diet makes weight loss easy, gives you energy and gets you excited about your new, healthier slimmer body.

So how can you find the right fit for your diet personality? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself to find the right fit for you.

#1. How Much Time Do You Want To Give Your Diet/Food/Preparation?

Are you someone who loves to spend time in the kitchen? Do you love shopping for fresh ingredients and then spending a few hours experimenting over a hot stove?

If so, then you’re probably more of a do-it-yourselfer. You may need to read about a certain diet philosophy (like the paleo diet or a raw diet or a vegan diet for example) and then teach yourself how to cook delicious meals to fit that diet.

However if you’re someone who absolutely loathes cooking – or just doesn’t have time to shop for all the different ingredients – then you may do better with a pre-made diet.

For example, you may want to try a diet delivery service, or even a meal replacement diet where everything is done for you.

Then you can grab your meals and go get on with your life as you lose weight.

#2. Do You Suffer From Diet Trauma?

This is something a lot of us ladies suffer from unfortunately – years of diet-induced trauma has made us loathe the very idea of deprivation and carrot sticks for dinner.

We don’t want to diet because we picture weeks of living on cardboard-tasting food with nary a crumb of anything remotely delicious.

If that’s you then you need to go with a diet plan that lets you have treats – whatever those treats may be for you.

For example, I know a lady who absolutely cannot live without chocolate every day. There are several diet plans for that.