Pregnancy Ultrasound Scan List: Trimester Wise With Level & Cost [2022]

Pregnancy comes with anxiety as you prepare to meet your loved one throughout the nine months. However, you can have a glimpse of your unborn child through Las Vegas ultrasounds testing. Ultrasound testing uses electromagnetic beams, creating an image and video of the unborn child. Thus you might know the child’s gender and physical attributes. It is also a diagnostic tool for pelvic pain during pregnancy and will ensure the mother and baby are healthy. Here is why you should undergo ultrasound testing during pregnancy.

When to Get an Ultrasound

You should get an ultrasound twice or as often as you want during the pregnancy. The first one should be between the 12th and 14th week, and the second one between the 18th and 20th week. The first ultrasound will determine the due date, check a child’s anatomy, look for issues like Down syndrome and determine multiple pregnancies. The second one checks a child’s anatomy in detail and locates the position of the placenta and the baby. Finally, you will have different ultrasounds to address issues such as cramping, bleeding, and keeping tabs on the fetus’ development.

How to Prepare Yourself for Ultrasound Testing

Although ultrasound imaging might sound simple, preparing yourself before visiting a gynecologist is better. First, you should ensure the gynecologist is accredited to ensure the clinic meets your needs. However, you should lower your expectations as the first ultrasound might be blurry and not show the baby’s anatomy as expected. Moreover, if you take the testing earlier, you may not determine the fetus’ gender.

The ultrasound tests might not be uncomfortable, but the gel used for the transabdominal exam might be cold, and you should prepare for the slight discomfort. However, if the transabdominal exam doesn’t give the desired image, you can opt for a transvaginal ultrasound which gives clearer results. However, the transvaginal ultrasound might be slightly uncomfortable as it involves inserting a transducer into the vagina to get better imaging.

You may need not drink water before the first transabdominal exam as it is easy to see through a full bladder. However, you may not need the water for the second exam as the fetus might be adequately developed. Drinking water might not be necessary for transvaginal ultrasound as the procedure is precise.

Visit the Facility with a Loved One for Emotional Support

You may consider going for the ultrasound with your loved ones as they offer the needed support. Pregnancy leads to a swirl of emotions, and you should share the joy with loved ones. However, they should support you if the ultrasound results show issues such as defects requiring medical abortions.

Pregnancy can be an emotional journey; you would need support from loved ones and healthcare providers. An ultrasound exam is among the ideal tests you should consider during pregnancy. The ultrasound exam will determine the due date and fetus development and identify serious fetus defects. Moreover, it makes it possible for parents to know the gender of the child before they are born. However, you should get an ultrasound exam from an accredited facility and prepare well before the exams.