“Diamonds are forever” is a phrase we have heard all our lives. And truly so, diamonds stay within an individual for as long as he/she is alive. The main reason behind this fact is that diamonds possess less resale value and to avoid selling your precious and expensively-bought diamonds in a lemon’s price, people do not sell it. 

Is it the same with chocolate diamond jewelry?

To a greater extent, yes! Chocolate diamonds are, at the end of the day, diamonds. Even if they are available in a lesser price than white diamonds, it doesn’t change the fact that they chemically exist as diamonds and possess similar characteristics. Chocolate diamond jewelry, after Le Vian branded brown diamonds as chocolate diamonds, has gained ground amongst women as the go-to jewelry suiting every attire. 


Is the price same too?

Thankfully, no! Brown diamonds are available in a much lesser price than other diamonds. Le Vian produces exquisite chocolate diamond jewelry designs that attracts buyers and the lower price tag is cherry on the cake. White diamonds are found in rare parts of the world and therefore, it is very expensive. Whereas brown diamonds are found in several countries and is significantly cheaper. 

What makes chocolate diamonds a girl’s best friend?

Well, you must have come across with the phrase, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” at least once in your life. Considering the trend of the market and the ever-increasing inclination towards brown diamonds, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that chocolate diamond has become a girl’s best friend. 

Girls, since forever, are dreaming of getting married or engaged with a diamond promise. But alas, other forms of diamonds do not come under everyone’s budget. Let’s have a look at major reasons why chocolate diamond has become so popular amongst women.

  • Symbol of love

Chocolate diamond jewelry has become a symbol of love. Since many years, people are tending to the diamond promise of staying by each other’s side by spending huge sums of money. With chocolate diamonds, expressing love has become less heavy on the pocket. 

  • Last forever

Diamonds last forever. Such a memory is kept for a lifetime. With chocolate diamond, the memory can be stored forever without spending an arm and a leg. Moreover, extremely beautiful designs give an aesthetically pleasing touch. 

  • Beautiful designs

Some people prefer brown diamonds over other diamonds because of the uniqueness and the classic designs. Le Vian corporation is famous for its exotic designs that are a candy to the eye. 

  • Price

Last but not the least, the lower price is a positive reinforcer in the widespread fame of chocolate diamonds. 

Where can I get authentic & stunning chocolate diamond jewelry from?

Le Vian corporation has mastered their skills in coming up with excellent jewelry designs and cuts. If you are looking for a chocolate diamond jewelry piece go to with an attire or to flaunt on your wedding/engagement, contact the best brown diamond jewelers in town i.e. Le Vian. We will custom-design a piece suiting your requirements and budget.