Even if you have lost weight and toned your muscles, excess skin on the body may make a person feel self-conscious. Fortunately, skin tightening procedures at Gago Wellness may effortlessly tighten saggy skin, allowing you to truly appreciate the way you appear. However, before calling to make your first appointment, it is good to understand more regarding these procedures. This post will look into everything, ranging from who is the best fit for Brighton skin tightening to the best age and time for treatment. Read on to find out more!

Who Makes a Good Skin Tightening Candidate?

Typically, there are several prerequisites that patients must follow to be deemed a candidate for any skin tightening procedure. For starters, your skin condition should have mild to moderate skin laxity, as non-surgical tightening therapies cannot usually repair extreme skin laxity. Furthermore, patients who would like to tighten skin on their bodies must maintain a steady weight since any weight increase will reverse the procedure’s effectiveness. Patients must not be pregnant at the time of treatment for the same reason.

Additional requirements for various skin tightening procedures may include:

  •         Medium to fair skin tones (though, some procedures are effective on darker skin)
  •         No skin issues such as eczema or sunburns on the day of the appointment
  •         No family history of hyperpigmentation
  •         Mild undesired fat for various procedures

During your initial visit, the expert medical aestheticians at Gago Wellness will review key details concerning your condition, your health records, current supplements, and medications, as well as aesthetic objectives. Therefore, a consultation is the most effective technique to confirm your treatment eligibility.

What Is the Appropriate Age to Begin Therapy?

Every skin will age at varying rates based on genetics, skincare routines, and environmental conditions. Thus, there is no ‘optimal’ age for therapy because skin laxity can appear at any moment from 30-40 years. Essentially, the optimal age to get a skin tightening procedure is influenced by your skin’s quality at any particular age.

Patients with UV damage, high-stress lifestyles, or fair skin are more likely to pursue commencing therapies in their 30s if they show early visible indications of aging. Others may take a few more years for aging skin to become apparent, especially those with dark to medium skin tones, which are more naturally resistant to noticeable aging. If you are uncertain whether your aging skin is fit for skin tightening, talk to your specialist.

When Is The Ideal Time For Therapy?

Most skin-tightening therapies are energy-based. Therefore, you should limit direct sunlight for not less than two weeks following your treatment to prevent hyperpigmentation. What’s more, you will probably require numerous sessions to reach your aesthetic objectives; hence, it is best to arrange your initial visits during times when accidental sunlight exposure is less common, such as the winter and fall months.

Furthermore, if you want skin tightening to prep for a particular occasion, you should arrange your initial visit six months prior. This period allows your skin sufficient time to generate natural collagen, which will help to repair skin laxity, wrinkles, and fine lines. During your appointment, your specialist will discuss the optimum times for your therapies.

As collagen generation reduces with age, your skin will gradually loosen. However, you may obtain remarkable anti-aging effects with procedures that firm, tighten, and lift the skin, whether you want an energy-based therapy employing radiofrequency or a laser treatment. To explore the different options and establish if you are a good fit for any skin tightening procedure, call the Gago Wellness office or book an appointment online today.