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Your nose is one of the first things people observe, so it seems reasonable that you would like it to appear flawless. Furthermore, your nose helps you breathe. Therefore, if you have health or aesthetic concerns regarding the build of your nose, you might be eligible for Rhinoplasty at Yeung Institute. Unfortunately, everybody qualifies for this surgery. For instance, while Rhinoplasty Houston is an excellent treatment option if you have sustained a traumatic injury, some conditions can profit more from an alternative nose reconstruction surgery. Continue reading to discover the key characteristics of an ideal candidate for this Rhinoplasty.

People with Aesthetic and Medical Concerns

There are numerous reasons to consider undergoing a rhinoplasty. Some people are simply unsatisfied with the structure of their nose; thus, they want this surgery to modify its shape to look more attractive. However, some individuals seek a rhinoplasty for medical reasons, such as difficulty breathing. Overall, you can be eligible for Rhinoplasty if you want to:

·       Align your nasal septum if you have a deviated septum

·       Narrow nostrils that seem too wide

·       Relieve breathing difficulties associated with a deviated septum

·       Modify the size and shape of your nose for improved facial balance

People Whose Facial Development is Complete

Ideal female candidates for this treatment must be not less than 18 years old, while male candidates must be above 23 years old. At this age, facial growth ceases, allowing your doctor to evaluate the face’s solid structure. If you wish to expand the size of your nose, you should not perform this treatment too soon, as your nose might keep growing as your body develops.


Generally, nonsmokers are excellent candidates for Rhinoplasty, but this is not the case for individuals who vape or smoke cigarettes. Nicotine impacts blood flow by shrinking smaller blood vessels, yet these veins are essential for postoperative recovery.

Moreover, nicotine usage could potentially exacerbate postoperative discomfort and raise the likelihood of complications like poor blood clotting. Quit smoking for the sake of your general health, and then treat yourself with Rhinoplasty.

People who are in Good Health

As with other elective surgical operations, rhinoplasty candidates must be in excellent health. A physically unfit individual should wait till their health improves before undergoing this procedure. Whereas Rhinoplasty is generally safe, there are risks associated with surgery, and those with preexisting health conditions are more likely to encounter complications.

People with Realistic Expectations

Positivity goes hand in hand with reasonable expectations. You have performed your study and know the type of nose you desire. In addition to improving your appearance, Rhinoplasty offers other advantages like improving your breathing and possibly your sleep quality. The ideal candidates are patients who do not anticipate miracles but those with reasonable expectations of what their Rhinoplasty will deliver.  

A rhinoplasty can drastically transform your looks, resulting in a massive confidence boost. Therefore, if you are worried about the appearance or function of your nose, contact Dr. Cecil Yeung to determine whether Rhinoplasty is appropriate for you. After examining your unique concerns and aesthetic goals, Dr. Yeung will tailor your rhinoplasty procedure to offer the best possible outcomes. Call the Houston, TX office or request an appointment online to learn more.