What is a PNG file? A Portable Network Graphics file is a raster image format that supports lossless data compression. PNG was created as an improved, non-patented replacement for GIF.

The PNG format was created to improve upon and replace the older GIF format, which used LZW compression, a form of data compression that proved to have patent issues. Unlike GIFs, which support only 8-bit colors and have a maximum color depth of 256 colors per frame, PNG files support 24-bit truecolor images with 16 million possible colors.

Quick Online Conversion

There is no need to download any software and use it on your computer, you just have to upload your PDF file, choose the output format and press convert button, the conversion will be performed on the server and you can download your image in PNG right after that.

High Quality

While a PDF file contains only one image, which is compressed in JPEG format, PNG files have many images that are compressed with different methods.

It does not compress the entire file by reducing its size, it compresses each individual page and saves any additional information or metadata as a separate file, so that you can easily edit these files later on.

The good thing about PNGs is that they are lossless; they do not lose any quality while saving your images to this format, the palette of colors used in these images is usually 8-bit with 256 colors or 16-bit with 65 thousand colors available for editing every pixel individually if needed.

This gives you an opportunity to create some very high quality graphics without sacrificing much space at all.

No Download Required

PNG files are much smaller than PDF documents, so you can fit more images on your website without eating up all of your visitors’ bandwidth. You also don’t need to download the files from the png to pdf converter, which is great for mobile users or anyone who’s just trying to view them quickly.

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