According to Forbes, the cosmetic industry is a multibillion sector as men and women alike are always looking for improved and effective ways of enhancing their looks. Regardless of the interest in cosmetic surgery and the promising results it’s associated with, most people are scared of undergoing the procedure. So, why is cosmetic surgery scary?

Fear of the dangers
The cosmetic surgical procedure you’re looking to undergo will determine whether it is invasive, minimally invasive or non-invasive. Going under the knife tends to strike fear into many individuals as they find the procedure somewhat risky and dangerous. Questions like, “what if something goes wrong?” come into the minds of many. Irrespective of how experienced, certified, and qualified the cosmetic surgeon performing the procedure is, nothing is 100% perfect. Despite the number of assurances you get from the surgeon or clinical institution, there is no knowing what will transpire during the surgery. Complications may arise during the procedure like excessive blood loss and traumatic shocks that are life-threatening. Cosmetic surgeons recognize the risks that may arise during the procedure hence each patient is required to sign a waiver, a commitment that further instils fear in a variety of people.

Positive results are not guaranteed
There is no guarantee that after a cosmetic surgical procedure, the results will all be positive. There are many cases where plastic surgery has gone wrong, leaving the patient regretting why they considered this as an option in the first place. Moreover, the procedures are quite expensive as some patients even seek plastic surgery abroad yet the positive results are not guaranteed. A botched cosmetic procedure could further damage the self-confidence you were looking for in plastic surgery. For instance, you may have lip fillers to help your lips look fuller and sexier, but end up with sagging lips that affect your appearance. Although some can be reversed, some negative results obtained after undergoing cosmetic surgery are irreversible so you have to live with them.

Surgical anxiety
This is a psychological problem that is associated with the build-up of fear that may cause nausea, panic attacks, chest pains, and heart attack in severe cases. Patients that have been previously diagnosed with anxiety disorder have a more difficult time undergoing cosmetic surgery like any other form of surgery. The ordinary people on the other hand experience surgical anxiety due to the associated risk of death. Such individuals often postpone the cosmetic surgery appointment or avoid the procedure altogether. Severe surgical anxiety may cause further health complications so it’s important to seek medical assistance in the event it happens to you.

Fear of unflattering results
Cosmetic surgery tends to interfere with the body’s natural balance that further puts you at the risk of developing problems in other areas. A cosmetic surgeon may attempt to change specific body parts to your liking but end up altering other areas unintentionally. Moreover, some cosmetic procedures may eliminate a problem in the specified areas but you may later find that the issue has redistributed to some other part. Such disappointing results end up stirring fear in people concerning cosmetic surgery.

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