Have you had your dental exam yet? According to dental health providers, you should have your dental checkup every six months or as directed by your dentist. Dental exams help preserve your oral health by screening for oral health issues and providing treatments.

Jasper Dental Exam specialist and provider Eric Koch, DDS, offers comprehensive dental checkups to ensure your oral health is in check. At his practice, Advanced Dental Care of East Texas, the passionate dentist leads the team in providing practical and state-of-the-art dental care to patients of all ages. Reach their office today to book your consultation.

What is a dental exam?

It involves healthy exercise to diagnose and treat dental health issues. Your provider performs the preventative procedure to identify dental concerns that may cause severe effects on your oral health. The most common screened dental issues during a dental exam include gum disease, cavities, oral abscesses, among others.

A dental checkup is also a good chance to create a good relationship with your dentist, ask questions and point out any strange symptoms. It is critical in preserving your dental health and pleasant smile.

What happens during a dental exam appointment?

Your dental exam at Advanced Dental Care of East Texas depends on your dental concerns, age, or past dental health state. There are various services you can expect to get during a dental exam, including:

  • Teeth cleaning

Usually, brushing does not eliminate all the dirt and plaque between your teeth and gums. Hence, professional dental cleaning is critical to prevent tartar and plaque buildup. Your dental provider uses special dental tools to remove the hard-to-reach plaque beneath your gums during brushing.

In addition, Dr. Koch uses gritty toothpaste to polish your teeth and apply a fluoride treatment afterward.

  • Digital oral X-rays

A dental exam is primarily about screening your oral health. Dr. Koch uses digital oral X-rays to get detailed and quality images of your gums, jaws, and tooth roots. Your provider uses the X-rays to identify invisible oral health issues in oral surgery and when placing dental implants.

  • Fillings

Fillings repair damaged tooth enamel to restore its function. Advanced Dental Care of East Texas provides tooth-colored fillings that enhance a beautiful smile.

  • Extractions

It involves removing one or more severely damaged teeth to preserve your oral health.

  • Molar root canal

If your provider notices an injured tooth, he carries out a root canal to prevent further damage or the need for extraction.

  • Oral cancer screenings

Dr. Koch also offers screening for various oral cancers during a dental exam to provide early treatments.

  • Dental restorations

During a dental checkup, your provider also corrects different teeth issues to restore your smile, including chipped out or fractured teeth.

When should you have your dental exam?

It is recommendable to have a dental checkup twice a year for improved oral health. You should have your dental exam even when feeling healthy.

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Dental exams are critical in preserving your oral health. They help point out oral health issues before spreading, providing early treatments. Contact Advanced Dental Care of East Texas today to schedule your dental exam appointment.