Every woman wishes to remain healthy throughout their life. In fact, most of them will not visit a hospital as long as they are feeling okay. However, every woman should go for a regular checkup to ensure their health is in check. Women are prone to various body problems and require screening to identify and diagnose any likely condition. Getting a good women’s health Avenel specialist may be daunting. However, there are facilities with experienced specialists who offer women’s health services such as well-woman exams, ensuring you live a healthy life. You will enjoy a more productive life when you take care of your overall health. Here is what you expect from your well-woman exam visit.

Pelvic Exam

Once you visit your doctor, they have different examinations to ensure your overall health is in check. A pelvic exam is one of the many procedures your doctor will perform. It may sound unpleasant, but it is important for your wellness. The doctor wants to confirm if there are any abnormalities in your ovaries and uterus. They do this by inserting two fingers into your vagina and feeling the normality on the lower part of your abdomen. A pelvic exam is quick and safe and eliminates the need for a scan. If the doctor notes some abnormalities, they recommend an ultrasound to identify the problem further.

Breast Exam

A woman’s breasts are prone to risky conditions such as breast cancer if they are not well examined. During a well-woman’s exam, the doctor will examine them to identify any unusual formations in your breast. If they find anything unusual in your breast, that calls for emergency intervention to unearth the issue. The doctor will schedule a mammogram that examines the inside of your breast to identify the problem. When the problem is identified early, you will get an immediate diagnosis and treatment before the problem can advance to an untreatable stage.

Pap Smear

A pap smear is an important procedure that helps identify if one has HPV, which may advance to cervical cancer when not treated. Most women do not like this procedure, which appears uncomfortable, but it is very important. Once anything unusual is found at this stage, the doctor will conduct various tests to identify the seriousness of it and formulate a treatment plan to address your problem. They will recommend a biopsy to determine the unusual cells’ condition and perform several pap smear procedures until you are back to normal.

General Physical Check Up

Once you visit your doctor, the first thing they do is check your physical health to determine whether any changes would make you unhealthy. They will check your weight, height, and any signs of a visible injury. Then they will examine different parts of your body, including the eyes, ears, heart, and lungs, for any defects and unusual patterns. The general physical checkup will give the doctor a complete picture of how your body works and help them identify unusual patterns.

A woman’s health guarantees her longevity and future life planning. If one does not care about their overall health, they may be surprised once they get sick without knowing, only to realize when it is too late. You should regularly visit your doctor for a complete body checkup, which guarantees a long and healthy life. This will help you plan and live a good lifestyle without problems.