Maintaining physical health by regularly seeing the doctor for routine checkups opens up new ways to live healthier lives. When you are in perfect health, you complete all your responsibilities efficiently. However, if you don’t visit your TCS occupational health for regular checkups, you may fall prey to any serious health problem.

What is an annual physical exam?

An annual physical exam is an appointment with a primary care provider to get a comprehensive report about your health concerns. It also allows you to ask your doctor as many health-related questions as possible. You can discuss your lifestyle and any health changes you may have experienced in the last few days with your physician. Other discussion topics during a physical exam include your medical history, sleep issues, stress level, and others. Below are reasons why annual physicals are vital for your overall well-being.

Assess your risk for health issues

During an annual physical, your healthcare provider reviews your medical history and family history; this allows them to know conditions you have had before and those that are prevalent in your family. For example, if your first-degree relatives have type 2 diabetes, you are also more likely to develop the condition. Knowing your risks will help you take active measures to prevent the onset of a disease or condition. For example, if you are at risk of diabetes, your healthcare provider will recommend lifestyle adjustments to prevent the disease and regular screenings to ensure your blood sugar levels are within a healthy range.

Prevent long-term problems

When you get an annual exam, your doctor can identify signs of a disease that will likely worsen in the future. Early diagnosis helps you treat the disease during its onset stages when it is more manageable. For example, diseases like cancer cause no symptoms during the early stages until later, when it has spread to other organs and is harder to treat. But with regular screenings, you can detect cancer and other illnesses that may develop in the future.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Routine visits to your healthcare provider mean you are actively looking out for your well-being; this will help you live a healthy life. You will be more aware of your lifestyle choices and how they affect your health. During an annual physical, your doctor may also educate you on some things you can do to live healthier. For example, they may recommend dietary changes to help you lose extra weight and stay within your ideal weight. They may also educate you on the importance of exercise, adequate sleep, and drinking water. All these things contribute to you living a better life and reduce your risk of chronic illnesses.

Get a review for medications.

A medication review is essential to ensure your treatment plan is going right and that you have no side effects. Your doctor can also review your over-the-counter medications and may suggest other medicines that would be helpful.

When was the last time you had an appointment with your primary care provider? Reserve a session today with your doctor at TCS Occupational Health to look out for your overall well-being.